20″ Pneumatic Jet Fan






 Standard 20″ API flange
 Over 10,000 CFM
 Heavy duty construction
 NEW 90° air input


Safety and performance in extreme conditions

The Widder 20″ Pneumatic Jet Fan is a flange mounted air powered blower. It can evacuate over 10,000CFM. The 20262’s heavy duty construction includes an industry standard 20″ API Flange connection on both ends, allowing it to be installed and changed quickly and with little effort. Widder Air Movers are built to the highest quality standards, including spin-balanced blades, all aluminum and stainless construction*. Every Widder product is factory-tested for heavy use.
(*Internal bearings are made of hardened steel)

Additional information

Air Inlet

¾" NPT

Air Consumption

260 CFM @ 90 PSI


100 lbs.