8″ Venturi Air Mover
with Collapsible Poly Horn






Over 5,400 CFM
 Heavy duty construction
 Made in USA

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The WIDDER 20008 8” Venturi Style Air Mover is used to provide air circulation in hazardous areas with no moving parts and little to no maintenance necessary. The 20008 Air Mover is designed for easy, economical storage and transport featuring the only collapsible horn on the market. This allows the unit to be stacked up to 3 high and stored in 1/3 the space of a traditional solid horn. The collapsible poly horn is fully conductive for static dissipation through the included grounding wire. The 20008 produces over 5400 CFM of air movement @ 100 PSI and 180 CFM compressed air input.

Additional information

Air Throughput

5400+ CFM

Air Consumption

180 CFM @ 100 PSI


25 lbs.