Large Pipe Clamp



Use with 10267 and 18800 saws
Provides square, 90° cuts
Standard chain clamps up to Ø12″
Chain extensions available
Clamp in any position




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The WIDDER 20257 Large Pipe Clamp is a heavy duty clamp for use with the 10267 Pneumatic Hacksaw or the 18800 Hydraulic Hacksaw. The clamp provides square, 90° cuts through pipe and other workpieces. The standard chain length will clamp up to a 12″ diameter pipe. The 20257 can be clamped in any position on a pipe. Rugged steel construction and powder coated for corrosion resistance.

Chain extensions:

20258 – adds 6″ diameter per chain

20259 – adds 12″ diameter per chain

Additional information

Pipe Capacity

4" – 12" diameter