WIDDER is a line of high-performance, heavy-duty pneumatic, hydraulic and electric industrial power tools and accessories. High quality, exceptional durability and low maintenance needs, make our tools ideal for the dirtiest, hottest, coldest, driest and wettest environments on Earth. WIDDER tools are the best choice for tough industrial applications, particularly oil rig maintenance and refinery turnaround.

WIDDER tools are proudly manufactured in USA by HPI Manufacturing, Inc.


HPI Manufacturing, Inc. was established in 1944 By Ermon F. Ayer, and is still owned and operated by the Ayer family at its’ original site in Hamden, CT. HPI was originally conceived of as a flexible Contract Manufacturing company supporting outsourced manufacturing for industries throughout the United States and Internationally. Over the years HPI has grown to include several proprietary lines of our own, in the fields of motion control, pressure testing, air movement and industrial power tools.

HPI Manufacturing, Inc. occupies 40,000 square feet of modern manufacturing floor space. Our commitment is the same as it was over seventy-five years ago: To provide a unique combination of components, support services and quality finished products to our customers. HPI is dedicated to diverse core competencies; the company is constantly evolving, adapting new technologies, processes, and exploring new industries. This adaptive approach allows HPI to customize its’ processes to customer needs.

HPI Manufacturing, Inc.
375 Morse Street
Hamden, CT 06517
Phone: (203) 777-5395
Fax: (203) 773-1976
Email: sales@widdertools.com

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