Pneumatic ‘Gator’ Saw



ALL NEW gear head
Built in quick change mechanism
High-speed demolition
Standard reciprocating saw blades
Powerful pneumatic motor




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Rugged Performance in Harsh Conditions at Up to 1800 Strokes/Minute

The WIDDER 18405 Pneumatic ‘Gator’ Saw is a high speed reciprocating saw for your toughest demolition projects. This air-powered saw has adjustable stroke frequency of up to 1800 SPM and can use regular reciprocating saw blades. The 18405 uses motor and throttle parts that are interchangeable with our highly-regarded WIDDER Pneumatic Hacksaw. The Gator’s light weight and compact dimensions will allow you to use it in the most demanding plants and maintenance projects.

Lubrication: for optimal longevity and performance, use WIDDER Air Tool Lubricant.

Maintenance: contact a factory authorized service representative for maintenance; only use genuine WIDDER replacement parts.

Read the operating manual and follow safety procedures at all times!

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1.5HP at 45 CFM at optimal pressure of 105-110psi


Variable Speed (0-1800 Strokes)


10. 5 lbs

Air Inlet