Quality, American-made tools for extreme environments.

WIDDER is a line of high-performance pneumatic, hydraulic and electric tools by Hamden, CT-based manufacturer HPI Manufacturing Inc.

WIDDER pipe-processing tools and accessories are known for high quality, exceptional durability and low maintenance needs, which makes them the top choice for harsh environments and time-sensitive applications where reliable performance is essential.

This is why WIDDER tools are popular choices for oil rig maintenance and refinery turnarounds – our tools deliver reliable performance in some of the hottest, coldest, driest and wettest environments on Earth.

About HPI Manufacturing Inc.: Started in 1945 by Ermon F. Ayer, HPI Manufacturing Inc. was originally conceived as a flexible Contract Manufacturing company. HPI has since expanded into international sales of component and services in many industries including petroleum and chemical refining, plant maintenance, medical components, electronics, and more. The company remains a family business, with brothers Glenn & Kylle Ayer at the reins. HPI is 100% American-owned and operated, and is still located at its original facility in Hamden, CT.

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