Accessories for mounting Widder Power Hacksaws on cutting work.

  • Large ClampThe LARGE PIPE CLAMP (#20257) has a quick-locking hacksaw mounter clamp that fits on pipes & tubing from 4″ to 12″ in diameter. For extra clamp capacity, we also make EXTENSION CHAINS in 6″ (#20258) and in 12″ (#20259) diameter increments.
  • The SMALL PIPE CLAMP (#20252) can fit pipe and tubing up to 6″ in diameter. The clamp has a quick-locking mechanism as well as a swivel head for angled cutting.

Large Clamp Parts Breakout
Small Clamp Parts Breakout


Blade Guides are used to stabilize the saw blade to reduce vibration and whipping. The guides clamp onto the work and help extend the service life of a saw blade, straightens the cut and helps prevent blade snapping.

Large Blade Guide Parts Breakout
Small Blade Guide Parts Breakout