Calibration Stations

Best in class, The Widder HPICAL 15000 Hydrostatic Calibration Unit, is a portable, self-contained, air driven hydrostatic test system.
This unit is our absolute most pin-point accurate system, ergonomically designed for ease of operation certification of all utilized digital gauges in the field up to 15,000PSI, at .05% Full Scale accuracy.
The HPICAL 15000's digital logger gauge is capable of storing up to 21,000 individual strings of pressure data to export into your spreadsheet program of choice. Perfect for quality control and safety assurance for all parties involved.

Sleek, Durable, and lightweight, the HPICAL 15000 is easy to maneuver and position in any area you desire.

Widder Hydrostatic Test Systems are made in the USA and constructed for ease of maintenance and parts replacement.

Here's a detailed guide on all functions pertaining to your HPICAL 15000 Calibration Unit:

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the HPICAL’s extremely durable and long-lasting 15,000 PSI pump and in-line filter, there is no need to introduce any lubrication into this system. It’s imperative that you ensure you run clean air and clean water through your system to ensure long-life and full functionality of your unit. We also recommend that you re-certify the accuracy of your HPICAL 15000 gauge at least once a year.

Provided below, are the necessary instructions in (.PDF) format; for the initial install and Set up instructions for testing your HPICAL 15000.

Additional information

Fluid Output:

.45 GPM @ No load

Maximum Pressure Output:

15,000PSI MAX



Air & Water Input:

3/8" NPT & 1/2" NPT Respectively.