HV– High Volume
All the great features of HPIC-D
20 GPM @ 40 PSI fill rate
Auto switchover to high pressure
Standard ¾” NPT x 15′ output hose




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WIDDER HPIC Test Units are portable, air driven, hydrostatic test systems. These test units feature a rugged powder coated steel body construction, and screen printed informational graphics for long-life. These units also feature our standard, stainless steel, 140 Mesh (100 Micron) water inlet filter, as well as full air filtration and lubrication. HPIC Test Units are built for easy, reliable service by utilizing access panels and flare seat seals. These units are ergonomically designed featuring a tilted front for convenience of use, a t-handle and large 10” wheels for easy maneuvering. The standard Isolation Valve allows complete isolation from the pump check valve when higher system integrity is required.

WIDDER HPIC-D Test Units come standard with state-of-the-art digital technology to test with higher accuracy. All digital gage options are certified Intrinsically Safe and at least 0.25% full scale accurate. The optional logger gauge is capable of storing over 21,000 individual strings of data, including date, time, temperature and pressure. This data can be downloaded from the gauge with convenient software and converted to Excel. With the additional 4” liquid filled analog gauge, these systems can be cross-checked in the field for accuracy while in use.

WIDDER HPIC-D-HV Test Units are unique to the industry. This C style pump uses identical technology to our HPIC workhorse, but adds an innovative low-pressure bypass system. This design offers fast fill rates up to 20 GPM with instant, automatic, switchover to high pressure testing after fill. The HV series of pumps eliminates the need for costly 2-stage pumps or difficult multiple pump operations and hose changes.

*HPIC Test Units come standard in 10,000 PSI, however other pressure options are available.

Additional information

Input/Output, Air&Water:

3/4" NPT

Air Input:

110 PSI Max, 55 CFM at no load

Fluid Flow-Rate

Up to 20 GPM (with 3/4" 40PSI input hose)

Maximum Pressure Output:

10,000 PSI


96 lbs.