Widder Hydrostatic Test Systems® are the most accurate, advanced test systems available for portable field pressure testing and include many features that separate them from other systems. Each Hydrostatic Test System use a stainless steel, 140 Mesh (100 Micron) input water filter , as well as full air filtration and lubrication. These features allow our units to meet and exceed all pump manufacturer warrantee requirements.

HPIH 3000/5000 Manual Hydrostatic Test Pump [Model 90400/90500]
HPIM-10000 Mini Hydrostatic Test Pump [Model 20100]
HPIC-10000-D Hydrostatic Digital Test Pump [Model 11100]
HPIC-10000-D-HV High Volume High Flow Test Pump [Model 11340]
HPICAL 15000 Hydrostatic Calibration Unit [Model 50003]
HPIINS 10000 Inspection System Manual [Model 50001]