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Air Tools vs Electric Tools – Advantage Electric

In our last blog post, we listed some of the ways in which air tools were preferable to electric ones. This post will examine the flip side of the coin – the advantages that electric tools have over air power tools. First of all, batteries. Portable battery-powered electric tools are getting smaller and lighter all […]

Air Tools vs Electric Tools – Advantage Air

Users are split on the advantages of air vs. electric tools. There are things to recommend about both, and situations where one or the other is useful. Here are some of the advantages that pneumatic tools have over electric ones. First off, be mindful of moisture and dust. Long power cords are a hazard, especially […]

Predictive maintenance – pipeline maintenance in the 21st century

A pipeline rupture can not only lose money and face for the operator, but also cause severe environmental damage. Pipeline maintenance is an extremely responsible task that can save money, wildlife and lives. Just as a pipe is round, there can’t be any corners cut during pipeline maintenance. Oil and gas companies invest heavily in […]

Offshore Platform Maintenance Tools -ROVs

Offshore platforms come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. However, they are almost always isolated from land and located in places that are buffeted by rough weather and cut off from resupply except by helicopter. Floating platforms also have extensive underwater components, which is why pil & gas industry suppliers have been hard […]

Widder Hydraulic Saw – Maximum Power

We have written much lately about cutting pipes with Widder pneumatic tools. However, sometimes air power or electricity won’t do it, and that’s when you need the ultimate power tool – the Widder Model 18800 hydraulic hacksaw. This device can be used for heavy duty cutting and demolition in conditions where exhaust air or electrical […]

Refinery pipe hacksaws, pipe labels and safety

Refinery pipes need to be marked in a way that is unambiguous and clear, to avoid having the wrong pipe cut during maintenance. Hacking off a pipe you think conducts water just to get a plume of flammable gas is a sure way to ruin the day and get fined by authorities. This is why […]

Undersea Pipeline Maintenance in the North Sea

Industry journal OffshoreTechnology.com features a comprehensive article on maintenance challenges of submerged pipelines in the North and Norwegian Seas. Norway is Europe’s biggest producer of crude oil and natural gas, and respectively the fifth and third biggest producer in the world; there are over 6,000 miles of pipelines crossing the seabed between Norwegian offshore oil […]

Refinery Pipe Cutting – Nitrogen as Pipe Anticorrosion Agent

When gas processing plants are offline, the empty pipes aren’t simply left to fill with air, but are kept isolated and filled with an inert gas, commonly nitrogen. Nitrogen is used this way because it’s a very effective anti-corrosion agent for closed pipe systems that are exposed to oxygen and/or moisture. Anti-corrosive nitrogen gas is […]

HPI Manufacturing Launches Dedicated Website for Tool Line

HPI Manufacturing, in an effort to expand the visibility of their industry-honored line of field maintenance tools, has built a new website for Widder Tools. This time-tested brand and line of tools and equipment is heavily used in oil field maintenance, underwater exploration and for pipe processing at refineries and other industrial applications. Visit the […]

February 27, 2013 Announcements