WIDDER is a line of high-performance pneumatic, hydraulic and electric tools made by HPI Manufacturing Inc. – A Hamden, CT-based manufacturer.

Started in 1945 by Ermon F Ayer, HPI Manufacturing, Inc. was originally conceived of as a flexible Contract Manufacturing company. HPI is still located on its’ original site in Hamden, CT. The original building HPI occupied was a former organ manufacturing factory. HPI Manufacturing, Inc. supported outsourced manufacturing for industries throughout New England.

In 1961 HPI added Lloyd M. Ayer, Ermon’s son as General Manager. At this time, HPI expanded into more complex component design and manufacture. Its’ customer base expanded to cover the entire United States, servicing diverse markets including hardware, medical, and the early space program. In the 1984 Glenn and Kylle Ayer, the third generation of management, assumed the day to day operation of HPI Manufacturing, Inc. HPI has since expanded into international sales of component and services in many industries including petroleum and chemical refining, plant maintenance, medical components, electronics, and more.

WIDDER pipe-processing tools and accessories are known for high quality, exceptional durability and low maintenance needs, which makes them the top choice for harsh environments and time-sensitive applications where reliable performance is absolutely essential. This is why WIDDER tools are popular choices for oil rig maintenance and refinery turnarounds – our tools deliver reliable performance in some of the hottest, coldest, driest and wettest environments on Earth.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testers



Widder Hydrostatic Test Systems® are the most accurate, advanced test systems available for portable field pressure testing and include many features that separate them from other systems. Each Hydrostatic Test System use a stainless steel, 100 Mesh (140 Micron) input water filter , as well as full air filtration and lubrication. These features allow our units to meet and exceed all pump manufacturer warrantee requirements.

Pipe Processing Tools



Widder industrial pipe maintenance, cutting and processing tools are the work-horses of the industry. With cutting capacities to 36” and threading capacity to 2”, Widder Tools from HPI can meet the most demanding needs. Widder Tools are built for field use; rugged, efficient design and complete portability.

Air Movement Tools



The CAT-5 and SAF-T-AIR tool lines represent the very best in air movement tools. Our new CAT-5 Blower is manufactured for use in the harshest environments. Our SAF-T-AIR Blow Gun line is a proven design that has been in use for over 40 years.

Tool Accessories



All Widder tools are available with a complete line of accessories and expendable tooling. Clamping capacities to 36” and more. as well as, guides and special application clamps make the Widder line the most complete in the industry. HPI can also design and build any custom clamp or rig for specialty operations including under-water machining. Our blades and inserts are all made of M-42 Cobalt for maximum toughness.